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24 May, 2008

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Sam's Sturgeon:

This morning I was not sure the day would work out. It was beginning to rain and our Meetup was at 2:00pm. To my pleasant surprise, it never went beyond a light sprinkle, and eventually warmed up.

I understand for any of those who were unable to make it, as it was really looking like it was going to be a wash. Anyway, both Sam and I attended, and it was great. We began by the fountain. and walked in a winding circle around the garden drawing along the way. Thanks Sam for coming. It was great to meet, take in the scenery, and commit some of it to paper.

Side-by-side Sketches

Brian's Sturgeon and Tree:

It's always a good experience to be able to see how people interpret the same scenes differently. I'm looking forward to future outdoor events where we can see a lot of variety. Please come along ane feel free to bring a friend if you would like.

Sam and his drawing of the Gardener Statue

Brian and his drawing of the Gardener Statue

For some great scenery and more pictures from the event see Meetup May 2008 Gallery

19 February, 2008

Check out this weeks other events

There is both a Tuesday and Thursday night (with models) group at the Saint Louis Artist's Guild this week as well as the Friday "Fantasy Drawing" group.

Check one or all out. I'll be there myself.


Here are some shots from a Fantasy Drawing Group. I drew from life, but included some reference shots.

This is part of a post I made on The Society of Figurative Art Forum

Yeah, I know... the knees... the knees.
Le ginocchia sono troppo piccole.

Here is a reference picture.



17 February, 2008

February's "Second Helping of Art"

This evening was the The February "Second Helping of Art" at Meshuggah's on Delmar. There was a great turnout. Welcome to Beth who was new and also Julie, Patric and Milo in addition to myself(Brian)

Here are pictures from the upper level of the restaraunt. It is really a good locale if you can get there early enough to find space upstairs with the bigger tables.

In attendance were Patric, Julie, Beth, Milo and myself (Brian). I appologize for not bringing the drapery, but we were missing a few people and I didn't bring a backup cloth. We'll have to try it again next time.

If we don't catch you up at the Artist's Guild next friday, then we'll see you on March 1st. Have a happy end to February.


P.S. Here are some links that we learned about at the meetup:

1.) Comic Genesis - New Worlds. New Dreams.

2.) The Saint Louis Artist's Guild

Also, check out Julie's establishment:
Soulard Coffee Garden
910 Geyer Ave
St Louis, MO 63104

10 February, 2008

Theme for the Week

This week's theme (Suggested by Dave) think of drapery. To Saturday's Meetup we will bring a cloth of some sort to drape across a chair.

Here is some inspiration:

02 February, 2008

Upcoming Events for the Week

Note that there will be a Tuesday night drawing group at 7:00 PM at the Saint Louis Artist's Guild if you feel like crashing that. Note: I have nothing to do with the organization of the two events below. It is just for your general info. Here is the info:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008, 7:00 PM

$5 for students and members, $6 for non-members.
Meeting is in the third floor studio. (Subject to change without notice)
Draw from a live model in various poses. The model may be nude or partially nude at times.
Coordinators: Jim Kennedy, & Scott Patrick. For questions you can reach Jim Kennedy at (314) 878-8619 & Scott Patrick at (314) 576-6998.

Thursday, February 7, 2008, 6:30 PM

6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. $5 for students and members, $6 for non-members.
Meeting is in the third floor studio. (Subject to change without notice)
Draw from a live model in one pose for the entire evening. The model may be nude or partially nude at times.

For questions contact coordinator Richard Bernal (314) 646-1747 & Greg MacNair (314) 862-1410 or 314-621-7883.

Meeting at Meshuggah's

We had the February Meetup at Meshuggah's on Delmar and IMHO it was a definite success. Attending were Milo, Patric, Dave, Cindy, Aaron, and myself(Brian). I thought honestly that Mardi Gras would kill the event this month, but no such thing happened.

The venue was a nice cozy corner even if it was a bit small. Because we pushed several tables against the front window Dave did his best to try to freak out the passers by with his "We're watching you!" sign. I think everyone had a good time, and we got a chance to all break the artist's block and make some art and ideas happen.

Dave emailed a link that some might be interested in if you like the comic scene and would like to check out a good comics forum.

Check it out:
Comic Genesis Forums

Have a good week and see everyone next time.

P.S. - I scheduled another "Second Helping" Meetup for 4:00 PM on the 16th for anyone who is interested. It will be at Borders at 1519 S Brentwood Blvd. See you there!

26 January, 2008

First Post


This is the first post of the The Saint Louis Drawing & Painting Blog associated with the Meetup Group of similar name:

The Saint Louis Drawing & Painting Meetup