17 February, 2008

February's "Second Helping of Art"

This evening was the The February "Second Helping of Art" at Meshuggah's on Delmar. There was a great turnout. Welcome to Beth who was new and also Julie, Patric and Milo in addition to myself(Brian)

Here are pictures from the upper level of the restaraunt. It is really a good locale if you can get there early enough to find space upstairs with the bigger tables.

In attendance were Patric, Julie, Beth, Milo and myself (Brian). I appologize for not bringing the drapery, but we were missing a few people and I didn't bring a backup cloth. We'll have to try it again next time.

If we don't catch you up at the Artist's Guild next friday, then we'll see you on March 1st. Have a happy end to February.


P.S. Here are some links that we learned about at the meetup:

1.) Comic Genesis - New Worlds. New Dreams.

2.) The Saint Louis Artist's Guild

Also, check out Julie's establishment:
Soulard Coffee Garden
910 Geyer Ave
St Louis, MO 63104


A.Curmudgeon said...


I got sick and it looks like I missed out on all the fun...

Oh well there is always next time....

rakuda said...

Yes, you did miss out. That's ok... You'll be there next time right!