29 March, 2009

UPCOMING: Figure Drawing 101

Don't Miss the First Ever "Figure Drawing 101" at Chris' Place.
Go on over to the Meetup.com page
and sign up and get all the details for the evening of Drawing
this Wednesday Night.

"We have (2) models scheduled for this evening: Eric (aka Jeepnekid)
and Regina. Should be a very fine evening of drawing."

Figure Drawing of Eric

A picture of our model Eric.

Drawing at Tia's


Eonratslear said...

I love this piece. Want to trade for something? A

yixiazi said...

Dare I ask about the one from Chris' place where the lines converge across the front of the legs?


Eonratslear said...

If you mean the one that's on this blog -- of alexandra and stephanie, for sho! Done deal.

yixiazi said...

Zoiks! Yippee!