26 March, 2009

New Year and a Visit to the Gardens

This blog has been inactive for some time, but it it time to clean out the cobwebs and move ahead with 2009. There are a lot of new upcoming events scheduled and with the recent addition of Christopher , Elaine and Judy as Assistant Organizers, the list of events and size of the group is growing.

Drawing Group in the Garden

Our last meetup at Meshuggah' Cafe topped our all-time attendace. I believe we had over 10 people, which is a good sized group for Meshuggah Cafe.

The venues are increasing as well as some opportunities for showing artwork. The more you dig under the surface, the more art you find wigging around in the fertile soil of Saint Louis. In fact, I think it is just waiting to jump out and come to life.


Hopefully we will have many good experiences as s upcoming year passes lets not wish it by too soon though, as I personally am glad to come out of the doldrums of winter... That's just me.

Spying on Elaine Drawing in the Botanical Garden

On the subject of spring, we should make note of the most recent meetup at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. There was just four of us, and there really should have been more... nevertheless, we could not help but be awestruck by the beauty of the day. If you are a working person and don't realize that the world ouotside still exists between 9:00 and 5:00, it is advizeable to take advantage of an early afternoon off, if it can at all be afforded. It may be well worth it as the photos in this post show clearly as the sky.

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