31 May, 2009

Gladiator Night: A Review

Thanks to our models Eric and Burt we had some very good Gladiator themed drawing. Also the gratious hosting of Chris and Photography of Alessandra should be mentioned.

People and Artwork - The Highlights:





30 May, 2009

Unexpected: iPhone sketch tools

on the street, friend and red house w/man inside
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Recently in the news was the iPhone/iPod Brushes application. This has also received some news coverage and fame for artist Jorge Columbo who designed the cover of the New Yorker magazine using it.

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Watercolor at The Coffee Cartel

Central West End Watercolor II Central West End Watercolor I Central West End Watercolor III

There is always much hustle and bustle to go along with the relaxing going on Euclid Avenue at The Cofee Cartel and tha vicinity. If you can make quick studies, it is an ideal place to sit. A nice scoop of icecream helps make the day. Just watch which telephone wire you sit beneath so the birds don't ruin your fun.


A forum for our drawing group

There will be a new forum for our group. The address will be http://drawsketch.phprak.net/. This forum will be created to address several issues around the adding and moderation of expanded content to our Meetup Group.

I am considering a new design for the forum header. I am open to designs if people would like to make a submision. I am thinking of a making a little contest with a small prize for it.

Content of the forum will be:

  • lessons

  • user authored tutorials/hints

  • reference materials

  • pictures of events

  • more advanced forum content

In and around the art museum

Again, Judy organized a good session at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Four of us (Judy, Elaine, Jenny, and Brian) showed up and we got to the business of exploring the Asian Art Wing.



Randy Elrod

One of my recently added subscriptions on Twitter is Randy Elrod.

Check out his excellent watercolors:

His blog "Ethos - A Cultural Watercooler" can be found here.

Funny thing happened...

Young Men in Scottish Costume

I was reviewing my flickr pictures from the past Highland Games, because one received a new comment. Lo and behold, there was our friend Chad, in a kilt no less in a picture I took in 2003, before we even met. I talked to Alessandra and she seems to think we could coax him to model for us. We'll see what coaxing we can do. Sounds like fun to me. Small world isn't it!

For those who don't know Chad and Stephanie, for goodness sake please head over to the intersection of Euclid and McPherson in the CWE on a Friday evening after 7:00pm by the West End Antiques Gallery Inc. and be prepared to enjoy some fire-juggling, belly-dancing, and other artistic spectacularia. Is that a word?

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Michaelangelo? Is that you?

"Because even when he was thirteen Michaelangelo was a better painter than you"
-Capn Marrrk

I myself thought this one looked more like Bosch, but it appears expert opinion calls it one of Michaelangelo's earliest works done at age 13. Check out the full article. Regardless, Michaelangelo was a pretty imaginative guy... and into the fantastic beasties too it seems!

Crayons are not just for kids

I discovered while looking at the drawings of Jerry Waese, that not only did he have some sumptuous and immediate drawings, but that they were beautifully done with watersoluble crayons.

For some time I have been hesitating at adding color to my drawings, preferring to stick with black and white ink. Several friends including my friend Judy, had been asking me when I was going to be adding some color to my drawings. This was perhaps in response to how much I enjoyed several of her colored pencil sketches of her pet dog, and various household objects. I will have to post an image here if I can get ahold of one. They are truely wonderful!

Anyway, colored crayons of the variety "Caran d'Ache Neocolor II" can be found many places:

I bought myself a set on the 12th of May. After a trip to the dentist's office, my trip to the art store and new crayons made the day much better. Drawing at The Artist's Guild that night made my first real experiment with these new crayons. I found them wonderful, but they limited the amount of detail that one could get after the tips wore off, and the last thing I want to do is repeatedly sharpen them and waste good crayon. Therefore, I will be trying some Staedler water soluble pencils to go along with the crayons in detailed areas.

Neocolor Drawing IV

Originally uploaded by Brian Anderson

I think Jerry Waese answers this by simply making a loose outline sketch and filling in the patches of color to give form and light to his drawings. That is one approach. The other is to mix some of the crayon drawing with, water-soluble pencil drawing. Staedler apparently offers a nice set, although somewhat mystriously packaged without idea of the colors contained within.

Originally uploaded by jerry waese

Originally uploaded by jerry waese

Discovering Urban Sketchers


I remember being a bit giddy when I found this site. It is a wonderful hub for sketchers around the world and a sort of artists National Geographic or travelogue of the worlds urban and landscape spaces. Consider it a must find link for those who love the art of urban/people sketching. It was started by Gabriel Campanario "a journalist and illustrator living and drawing in the U.S. since 1998", who is currently a staff artist at the Seattle Times.

Urban Sketchers is a network of artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel to...

Check out their site and let it inspire you to make great art, and learn about your city.

The following are some inspirational urban sketches variously associated or not with the Urban Sketchers site:

Originally uploaded by jerry waese

1st Annual Memorial Day Parade in Mill Creek
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Drawing Day - June 06, 2009

"Drawing Day is a worldwide drawing event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw for the sake of art. The internet is an open canvas. Help us create 1 million drawings online this day and boost online art communities."

Check it out at: http://www.drawingday.org/

That means our Monthly Meetup will be on a special day. Come celebrate Drawing Day with us and make some art just for the sake of art.

Put the art out there! There's YouTube, deviantArt, Facebook, flickr, Meetup. Show the world it's Drawing Day

11 May, 2009

Drawing Pirates in the Park


Our most recent event "Drawing Pirates in the Park" was a big hit! We had an amazing group of artists, a talented model, musical accompaniment, good food and even some artists who really got into the whole pirate theme themselves. Couldn't ask for more!




Skip Work Early & Draw at the Botanical Garden - April 29th

Our monthly trip to the Botanical Garden was attended by seasonably beautiful weather. Julie West and I found plenty to draw even though we didn't stray too far into the garden. The fountain with the blown glass balls made a good spot to set camp for the afternoon and draw.


An Hour of Landscape Sketching at Tower Grove Park - April 26th


I continued my series of Sunday drawing in Tower Grove Park. Patric and I stumbled upon a celebration by the DAR. We got some people sketches, and then wandered over to the lake to see what was going on over there. An hour is a good amount of sketching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.