30 May, 2009

Crayons are not just for kids

I discovered while looking at the drawings of Jerry Waese, that not only did he have some sumptuous and immediate drawings, but that they were beautifully done with watersoluble crayons.

For some time I have been hesitating at adding color to my drawings, preferring to stick with black and white ink. Several friends including my friend Judy, had been asking me when I was going to be adding some color to my drawings. This was perhaps in response to how much I enjoyed several of her colored pencil sketches of her pet dog, and various household objects. I will have to post an image here if I can get ahold of one. They are truely wonderful!

Anyway, colored crayons of the variety "Caran d'Ache Neocolor II" can be found many places:

I bought myself a set on the 12th of May. After a trip to the dentist's office, my trip to the art store and new crayons made the day much better. Drawing at The Artist's Guild that night made my first real experiment with these new crayons. I found them wonderful, but they limited the amount of detail that one could get after the tips wore off, and the last thing I want to do is repeatedly sharpen them and waste good crayon. Therefore, I will be trying some Staedler water soluble pencils to go along with the crayons in detailed areas.

Neocolor Drawing IV

Originally uploaded by Brian Anderson

I think Jerry Waese answers this by simply making a loose outline sketch and filling in the patches of color to give form and light to his drawings. That is one approach. The other is to mix some of the crayon drawing with, water-soluble pencil drawing. Staedler apparently offers a nice set, although somewhat mystriously packaged without idea of the colors contained within.

Originally uploaded by jerry waese

Originally uploaded by jerry waese

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