30 May, 2009

Funny thing happened...

Young Men in Scottish Costume

I was reviewing my flickr pictures from the past Highland Games, because one received a new comment. Lo and behold, there was our friend Chad, in a kilt no less in a picture I took in 2003, before we even met. I talked to Alessandra and she seems to think we could coax him to model for us. We'll see what coaxing we can do. Sounds like fun to me. Small world isn't it!

For those who don't know Chad and Stephanie, for goodness sake please head over to the intersection of Euclid and McPherson in the CWE on a Friday evening after 7:00pm by the West End Antiques Gallery Inc. and be prepared to enjoy some fire-juggling, belly-dancing, and other artistic spectacularia. Is that a word?

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The Beautiful Kind said...

I am so tickled to see this pic.