28 June, 2009

Streetside Figure Drawing

This is from 6/26/2009

"It's Friday in the Central West End and we will take figure drawing to the streets!

Join us at 4742 MacPherson where we will draw the beautiful Stephanie as she poses (costumed) right there on the sidewalk in the heady, urban flow of people, music, street performers, food, drink and Art. Your setup should be small and portable. If it rains, we'll work in the nearby West End Antiques Gallery.

This gathering is free. And the last time we did it, it was a blast!"


Dan Jaboor said...

Looks like a good time! Too bad I never find out about these things until later.....

yixiazi said...

It definitely is fun. We do this get-together pretty much every Friday evening on the corner of Euclid and MacPherson.

Check out our calendar to know what were doing in the upcoming weeks. It would be cool if you were able to join us. http://www.meetup.com/figuredrawing-110/