08 July, 2009

Mattias Inks

Check out the amazing drawings, humor and imagination of Mattias Inks.
I love them and can't get enough of them. They remind me somewhat
of the old Shell Silverstein illustrations, yet they have such an
imaginative character and individuality of their own.

I love for instance how much of a story is packed
into such a little space as this little drawing:

Also, peruse this online flipbook of his work.
Side Note: According to his blog you can
get your own flipbook free too on issu.com.

You will be truly dazzled by the artistic Kung fu going on!

The Links:


Bicycle - by Dragan Sekaric

"Dragan Sekaric Shex is a versatile Canadian artist who was educated and trained in Europe, and who is recognized by his use of the sfumato style, by captivating, enigmatic atmospheres, and by emotionally charged canvases."

Bicycle (1995)

"Dragan Sekaric's painting Bicycle (1995) contrasts starkly with exhilarating experience of riding a bicycle, because Sekaric's two-wheeled vehicle is unusual in several respects: the square wheels, the front one apparently made of wood; the old-fashioned configuration of a large front wheel and a small back one; the handle bars seemingly connected to the rear wheel; and the saddle an awkward distance from the pedals, which are attached to the axle of the front wheel."


Painting Performers: Ellen Rose

Tattoo Lovers

"For me, painting is about delicious sensual color, quirky line drawing, and always a dash of humor. Large canvases and brushes allow me the freedom and joy I felt as a kid painting with poster paint."


"Subject matter, while important, is just a starting point. The experience of painting, itself, with its smears, drips, and surprises is the lure that keeps me at the easel."


Sweet Marie

Ellen Rose Art

Also Featured here: Daily Pilot

07 July, 2009

Parts and Pieces

© FEATURES: Open Post

Looking for some great studies of the features to learn from?

Check out the forums on The Society of Figurative Art


Watercolor of the day

Check out Terry's Ink and Watercolor Blog:

Steam over the River

Are you bicycling yet?

I'm going to try to post something daily to keep the motion going towards the bicycle themed art show deadline in August.

Some art for your inspiration:

King Street painting wins Sydney art prize

Bicycle Art

Edward Hopper's Bicycle Rider

06 July, 2009

"Figuratively" exhibit opens at Concrete Ocean July 17

Go see the work of Jason Cissell. We often see him up at The Artist's Guild and wonder what he's doing with all those great drawings.

Urban Sketchers: Up to the same old Sketchy Activity

I can't believe I neglected to add the link to this site's sidepanel yet. Well, now it's there. There's such an insane amount of good sketching going on "over there". Actually it's all around. I'm not going to repost it all. Just check it out: Urban Sketchers.

The piece below is a great example from lapin barcelona. I've been trying to figure those brush pens out myself.

Also try this one out:

Above also by lapin barcelona.

Gallica Consultation : Bizzarie di varie figure, di Giovanbatista Braccelli...

Thanks Captain Mark for the link.

Now I have to figure out or ask Mark what I am looking at. Apparently from the page notes the scans are public domain.


Actually, news is Octavo has released an edition on CD with high resolution scans:

From the looks of it, you could download a similar set of scans to the Octavo set from the first link, but the scans are institutional/educational scans and therefore not as artfully done as the Octavo editions. Still, they both give an idea of the creative figure constructions and studies of Giovanbatista Braccelli.

Reminder: Got any drawings of bicycles?

Call to Artists:

The Soulard Art Market and Contemporary Gallery is calling for submissions to “Spoked!” a juried exhibition of local artists. Exhibition runs from September 4th, 2009 through October 2nd, 2009. S.A.M. is looking to represent a select group of artists in our Contemporary Art Gallery, to exhibit alongside our 15 resident artists.
Exhibition Theme:
In conjunction with the Tour of Missouri, which is a world-class cycling event, we are proud to announce our exhibition “Spoked”. We are seeking artworks that feature bicycling as a theme for inclusion in our show. Our gallery is on the race route and we have special hours and events planned that are sure to draw a crowd. The eyes of the world will be looking our way and we’re gearing up for the liveliest show this town has seen. Get crankin’!

See more details here.

Some important details:
- Submission Deadline: August 16th, 2009
– Accepted Artist Notification: August 22nd, 2009
– Drop off Accepted Works:
August 27th & 28th, 2009 - 6 pm to 9 pm
August 29th & 30th, 2009 - 12 pm to 5 pm
- Opening Reception: September 4th, 2009 - 7pm to 10pm
- Encore Viewing Party: September 5th, 2009 - 7pm to 10pm
- Tour of Missouri Race & Special Events: September 7th, 2009 - 12pm to 6pm
- Art Pickup: October 3rd & 4th, 2009 - 12pm to 5 pm

June 27th: More Nudeling at Teya's (SKETCH Meet!)

We like to coordinate events with The STL Artist/Model/Photographer Co-Op. Click the URL and check them out. Teya is known to be a lively host, and organizes (to say the least) a grand assortment of famous and infamous (I'm sure she likes a litle infamy now and again) events.





We thank Teya for the wonderful opportunity to come together and draw and share usually at least a pair if not three models. That takes a good turnout, and she usually delivers.

June 20th Brunch n Sketch at Black Bear Bakery II

"Incredible $10 brunch (cash only). Big tables. Relaxed, artsy, anarchist atmosphere. Music. Lots of seating and space. Great place to fill up your sketchbook and your belly. We had a wonderful session here in May - don't miss this one."


Fantasy Drawing at the Saint Louis Artist's Guild

"Plenty of room and 2 models, posing separately and together. Good costumes and good poses. Ron, who coordinates this event, makes this a good event with his attention to the details." - Richard




"Was great, and it is interesting how many of our meetups include accordion playing." - Brian


"Fetishtastic" - Captain Mark