31 August, 2009

29 August, 2009

Thinking in Color

Sketching in color requires much more thought than doing so in monochrome. I bought some Tombow markers today as I like the markers, but have been itching to make my sketches more colorful. The Tombow markers make for very good quick color studies. One very positive point is they don't oversaturate the paper like the Copic markers I have used. For this reason I can get much more use out of my sketchbooks.

With some markers I can only use one side of the paper because of bleed-through. Unfortunately as handy as my Sharpie marker is, I am going to need the use a black Tombow instead to deal with the way the Sharpie bleeds through.

The Tombow does have dual nibs. One is a brush and the other is a hard round nib. Today I didn't even really get to experimenting with the hard nib end. I only used the brush.

As I went, I found myself using the following pattern:

1.) laying in a quick drawing gesture
2.) deciding the temperature of the light and choosing an appropriate shadow color marker.
3.) laying in the shadows.
4.) dropping in local color.

This is more apparent in the drawing of the three people sitting beside the bus. I chose this method because local color is situational and can be left up to the imagination, but the gesture and lighting are of greater importance to my mind.

28 August, 2009

Fabulous Fridays Painted - Egg Tempera Project 3

The Block-in (Phase 1)
Here is a rough blocking-in of a piece in the workshop centering on the idea of street performers in the Central West End.


Establishing warm vs. cool & shadow vs. light (Phase 2)

More progress to come...

Please come on down to Euclid and Macpherson in the CWE if you have time, because it is Friday again, and it's sure to be Fabulous!

24 August, 2009

Gabriel Campanario's Day at the Beach

Taken from
Gabriel Campanario's Blog

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The green revolution, also in black and white

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Review: Figure Drawing 101

A series of drawings by Alvin Horst (above)

The attendees

Drawing by Julie West (above)

Drawing by Kristen Saffa (above)

Drawing by Jan Lombardo (above)

Drawing by John Smith (above)

See more pictures on the Meetup event gallery.

Deannah Nash: Chalk Drawing @ Botanical Garden

Thursday Night Party in the Botanical Garden

5:00pm - 8:00pm
Deannah Nash will be creating some of her imaginative chalk drawings in the Botanical Garden. If you have the time, come by and have a look. Also, see her website at deannanash.com for more of her excellent artworks.

Currently Exhibiting: "Anyone For Tea?"

Henryk Ptasiewicz is currently showing his work at the Concrete Ocean/Mojo Studios at 2257 S. Jefferson until 9.4.2009.

Open Call Opportunities at the Soulard Art Market

Secrets of the Soul

Call to Artists:
The Soulard Art Market and Contemporary Gallery is calling for submissions to “Secrets of the Soul” a juried exhibition of local artists. Exhibition runs from October 23, 2009 through November 8, 2009. S.A.M. is looking to represent a select group of artists in our Contemporary Art Gallery, to exhibit alongside our 15 resident artists.

Exhibition Theme:

We are looking for work that represents your intermost thoughts. Your Innermost dreams & secrets, laid bare before the world.


Call to Artists:

The Soulard Art Market and Contemporary Gallery is calling for submissions to “Remastered” a juried exhibition of local artists. This Two Part Exhibition runs from November 13, 2009 through January 10, 2010. S.A.M. is looking to represent a select group of artists in our Contemporary Art Gallery, to exhibit alongside our 15 resident artists. View dates for details.

Exhibition Theme:

Imagine Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" if it were painted by Van Gogh. "ReMastered" is your chance to re-imagine famous artworks of the past; yesterday's masterpieces as created by the masters of today. Artists from our region will be challenged to create reproductions from these artistic greats in their own unique style.

Spoked Show Reminder

The Soulard Art Market and Contemporary Gallery is presenting “Spoked!” a juried exhibition of local artists. Exhibition runs from September 4th, 2009 through October 2nd, 2009.

In conjunction with the Tour of Missouri, which is a world-class cycling event, we are proud to announce our exhibition “Spoked”. Artworks feature bicycling as a theme. Our gallery is on the race route and we have special hours and events planned that are sure to draw a crowd. The eyes of the world will be looking our way and we’re gearing up for the liveliest show this town has seen. Get crankin’!

See more details here.

Some important details:
- Opening Reception: September 4th, 2009 - 7pm to 10pm
- Encore Viewing Party: September 5th, 2009 - 7pm to 10pm
- Tour of Missouri Race & Special Events: September 7th, 2009 - 12pm to 6pm

Upcoming Aug 27th: Figure Drawing at Concrete Ocean/Mojo Studio - Heather Dawn models

This week's session will feature model Heather Dawn.

BYOB, $10 donation for model/studio. :)

Thanks to the Mojo movers and shakers: Sue G, Sarah E and Bryan P for organizing and hosting this event.

Note: The drawing tables may fill up. Plan to be flexible - you might bring an easel or drawing board.

See the full details

Mojo Studio holds a weekly figure drawing session and we are invited to participate. They have a great atmosphere and challenging sessions with excellent lighting, and a good space to work in. Mojo is connected to Concrete Ocean gallery.

Upcoming Aug 26th: Figure Drawing at Cap'n Marrrrrk's

Wednesday night we will be drawing long time Henryk model Olivia. I don't know too much about her except for the fact she's from Australia and is pretty laid back. Come on by. We'll have wine and snacks, but you can also bring other wine and other snacks if you want.

See full Details

See you there!

See full Details

Don't Miss it: Tuesday Night Sketch Group

Tuesday Night Sketch Group 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
$5 for students and members, $6 for non-members.

Meeting is in the third floor studio. (Subject to change without notice)
Draw from a live model in various poses. The model may be nude or partially nude at times.
Coordinators: Jim Kennedy, & Scott Patrick.
For questions you can reach Jim Kennedy at 314-878-8619 & Scott Patrick at 314-576-6998

Fantasy Drawing @ The Guild: Model II and III

Fantasy Drawing @ The Guild: Model I