08 September, 2009

The last month in review

Aug 20 - Betty Page Night



See more pictures.

Aug 21 - Streetside figure drawing in the Central West End

It rained so we sketched inside the West End Antiques Gallery. Stephanie was beautiful in a sarong skirt and tank top and Boaz took some poses with her. They looked very domestic together and their size difference presented intriguing challenges. Good drawings and good drawing experience all around.


Aug 26 - Figure Drawing at Cap'n Marrrrrk's

It was Grand. Olivia was a new short-pose model, but she did a great job, some new people came while Boaz played guitar and accordion. I hope everyone had as good a time as me.

-Cap'n Marrrrk


Olivia is a deceptively difficult person to draw and paint, just when you think you've got it right you realise the parts don't fit. And it's always a marvelous evening at Marks

-Henryk Ptasiewicz


Great setting, great music, great hosts. Thanks, all, once again. Olivia, you did some lovely poses.


Aug 27 - Figure Drawing at Mojo Studio - Heather Dawn models


Lovely imaginative model in an excellent setting for making art.

Spectacular! Heather is a cool model with lots of fun ideas. The monster hand had a few of us thinking... Unusual stuff, but very fun to draw. Thanks Bryan too for hosting!

Aug 28 - Streetside figure drawing in the Central West End


Steph was sort of Miami-Beach-meets Lolita, in black slacks, red shoes and pointy sunglasses. Ale showed up later and we just kept drawing and drawing and drawing, until it was too dark, and then we went into the antiques gallery and drew some more! Boaz and Tommy provided fabulous music. I suppose it is coming to an end with the summer but it has been a great run.


I must say that Judy and Elaine each capture Stephanie's likeness in a remarkable way. These are so fun. I love the last sketch with the glasses.


The wonderful Tommy Halloran provided musical accompanyment along with Boaz Rubin on accordion. Here is a movie of Tommy:

September 2 - Figure Drawing 101 - a no named evening...

Good venue. Good host. Good model. Good company.
-Richard Vigil


September 3 - Figure Drawing at Mojo Studio - Melody Geyer models

Melody is a lovely, diminutive dancer with a great physique - lots of planes in her face and body - and a real talent for posing. Drawing her was a pleasurable challenge. Music was very good tonight too - excellent jazz selections that got everyone absorbed in their work. Really good vibe in the room tonight. Thanks Mojo people!
-Judy Rubin

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