24 September, 2009

Yesterday's Drawing at Teya's

Last Night's session at Teya's (The STL Artist/Model/Photographer Co-Op) was so good. I got a couple of rough drawings off, but this one in particular, I feel like I need to do something else with more finished. I like the toned paper and mixed mediums. I started off with marker swashes, built up some pen and ink scribble and then came in with more marker. This morning, I spent some time working around with it with some charcoal pencil and white conté. Can't overdo it can I?

Model: Ashley

There were really a couple of angles (like the side) I would have liked to draw, but alas, so little time... not to mention the antics of Captain Marrrk who I failed to capture on paper. I am always positively impressed by his acting abilities.



I really loved this one Brian...esp the highlights and the use of the colored paper. Great job!!!
Nice to meet you too!

Brian said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I do like the brown paper too. Hope to meet up soon again! Teya always puts on a good event.