07 October, 2009

Passion For Sketching

There are some beautiful new drawings "Sketches on the train, bus station and coach" over on Adebanji Alade's Blog. I just love the energy of his lines on the older man's face. It was obvious that he enjoyed the drawing process well on this one and capturing the man's expression.

"More people!!! I couldn't resist sketching the old man above on the left. He had the dream features for an addictive sketcher!"

Adebanji's painting below made me remember Dürer's portrait of a black man for some reason as in both cases the people could have been any of the people I talk to daily on my way to work. It is amazing to me that in the case of the Dürer portrait at the bottom of this post, that I can visualize this face just as naturally in this year of 2009. I strangely can't say that of many other medieval portraits. I suppose there is just a certain naturalism to the observation.

Painting of "Daniel" by Adebanji Alade

Portrait of a black man by Albrecht Dürer

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