18 November, 2009

Catching up on the last month

Due to a plethora of activities organized by many of the assistant organizers the last month has continued the great energy we all have for the arts.

In review, firstly there were figure drawing sessions up at the Saint Louis Artist's Guild.

Generous hosts like Judy & Boaz and Mark & Alessandra, offered their homes for pot-luck style get-togethers.

There was drawing at the City Museum organized by Ariel.

There was the always famous celebration of Halloween at the Plattner's home.

Mojo Studios hosts their always sensational themed drawing and painting sessions.

Alessandra modeled as Louise Brooks at Brian's studio.

Finally, we had a great breakfast Meetup at the Black Bear Bakery.

New Members: 

There were a bunch of new members who joined up since the last post. They are listed below:

Sarah Jean
Rick W

Welcome everyone!

New & Upcoming:
Figure Drawing 101 - Jeep and his wife Cathy!

This month is sure to be full of just as many oportunities to get out and make some art and rub elbows with friends.

Tonight is figure drawing with Jeep and his wife Cathy. The event is hosted by Chris Manzo. It seems that there are still a few spaces open. Don't miss out on the fun!

Here's the description of tonight's event:

Tonight, we have a special evening: Jeep and Cathy (his wife) will be modeling for us!!! This will be Cathy's first time, so lets make it a supportive one for her.

Lively, supportive, and helpful group of drawers open to all levels of artists and media. Informal but intense atmosphere to draw in. Good work, good times, good music, and good folks.

6:45-10pm - please show up on time so we can begin promptly at 7pm.

Snacks and vino will be on hand - please feel free to bring something also to share... if we do not use it this evening, we will the next!

Thanks, C

Theme Night: Alessandra Dressed as a Giant Turkey*

Next week is Theme Night at the Plattners. Alessandra will model. I know...  These things just get more interesting every time!

The Description:

What are you doing Thanksgiving Eve? Are you going to be huddled up steeling yourself with drink in anticipation of being with your family tomorrow? Will you be slaving over a hot stove prepping your dish for the countless "Orphan Thanksgivings" being held tomorrow by Transplants to STL? Or, are you going to come over eat snacks, drink wine and draw Alessandra dressed as a giant turkey* with your friends? Drinks and snacks will provided, but feel free to bring your own.

As usual, if you RSVP YES then cancel within 48 hrs of the session you are still responsible for paying, but in this instance we'll accept leftovers only if they're any good.

*Please Note: Alessandra will NOT be dressed as a giant turkey (Bait and switch)

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