29 November, 2009

Upcoming Meetup Events


This coming Wednesday Chris Manzo will be hosting his "Figure Drawing 101" session. This week's theme is "Veiled and Revealed" with models Danielle and Walter.

We will have two models again this evening - Walter (nude) and Danielle (draped). It should be an interesting contrast of form, material, and scale. If anyone has another light we could use (easily), please bring it and let me know.

Lively, supportive, and helpful group of drawers open to all levels of artists and media. Informal but intense atmosphere to draw in. Good work, good times, good music, and good folks.

6:45-10pm - please show up on time so we can begin promptly at 7pm.

Snacks and vino will be on hand - please feel free to bring something also to share... if we do not use it this evening, we will the next!


Morning Krampus Day Painting @ Brian's Place

Cap'n Marrrrk (The Birthday Boy) will pose at my place for costumed drawing. It is Krampus day so Mark is going to do his best Krampus impression for us. Scary! Hold your stockings tight and watch out! Not heard of Krampus? Take a look on Wikipedia and prepare.



Cap'n Marrrrk Birthday Karaoke and Sketching Soiree

Cap'n Marrrrk loves Karaoke!
Need I say more?

So come join us for his b-day party.
Sing, dance, drink, chat, have fun, we know you will :-D

See you then,

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