23 January, 2010

Birthday/Housewarming Pot Luck

Come help me celebrate turning 42! And, officially warm my new home (yes, I've been in it a year now...)

It has been a blessed and fun year meeting everyone from the various meetup and draw groups and I would like to celebrate my birthday and say 'thanks'! It has officially been a difficult year and I really could not have gotten through this without everyone's support.

This will be a potluck - I will make 2 large pots of soup and then we can add to this. I will have wine on hand, but please feel free to bring a bottle to share.

Feel free to bring drawing stuff, musical stuff, or games. I'm inviting folks from my 'other lives' also, so it is sure to be a fun evening.

No gifts, but if you feel compelled due to a stern upbringing by your parents, then a houseplant...:)

Note, the image is what I looked like at 22...

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