18 January, 2010

Birthday Sketch - You can leave your clothes on!

@Judy's Art Attic

It's the third anniversary of our Meetup group!

In celebration of one another and our inimitable group dynamic and our common cause of Art, we will gather to draw... each other!

We will take turns posing for the group.

You can keep your clothes on, you can wear a costume, you can pose or not pose according to your preference.

But we do hope you'll join us in this celebratory session - whether you are one of the more active members who has helped make this group a social and creative success, and a vital part of our lives - or you are a newer member just getting to know this scene.

BYO refreshments.

There are stairs to climb in this location. Also a dog in the house.

The Art Attic doesn't have much in the way of tables so you might want to bring a drawing board. Plenty of room for easels but your easel should be light and portable so you can get it up to the attic.

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