29 January, 2010

Followup to Vitality: The Flamenco Dancer

Wednesday evening we were lucky enough that Alessandra arranged to host Beth a Flamenco Dancer at the Plattner Home. Beth Steinbrenner is the Dance director of, and dances with Los Flamencos. She was very graceful and not only posed, but danced a bit for us as well. She had two different outfits to pose for the artists in.

There was a full house of people and the energy was definitely good. The many interpretations of the flamenco theme were astounting to say the least. When I returned to look at the gallery of pictures of the event, I was struck at how well Marlene's ink drawings provided the vivacity of flamenco and the energy that I was thinking of, but hadn't accomplished myself. Spectacular! Next time I will be sure to take a few sidelong glances at her technique to see if I can't learn a bit. Her drawing is shown below.

Drawing above by Marlene

Above: A happy group takes on the challenge.

Thanks go to Alessandra and Mark for taking pictures and hosting, and to Boaz for providing musical accompaniment as well. Some, but not all of the other great drawings and paintings from this event are shown below.

Does it get any cooler than that?


Bianca said...

It was indeed a wonderful drawing session. Beth was fantastic and inspired the group to do new creative art.

adebanji said...

WOW!!! I would have loved to be there!! Great sketches too!

If it is allowed, can I create a series of drawings from the video? Its just too inspiring to resist! All sources would be mentioned and attributed.

Brian said...

Hey, Adebanji, That would be really a super idea! I'd love to see what came of it. You are right, it was a particularly inspiring session. We have a lot of good teamwork puttting these together.


adebanji said...

Brilliant Brian! I'll let you know when I start the series.

Carmen said...

Wow, cool indeed! I am from Spain, love flamenco, I danced a little and I also enjoy painting very much. Actually I haven't done it in a while (dancing or painting) and I am trying to get back at it. I just moved to St Louis and it's great to know that there are groups like this one out there! Thanks for sharing.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

What a great drawing group! I would move to St. Louis just to join in! I was thinking the same thing as adebanji, we could be virtual members of your drawing group. LOL! Thanks for the great view of your evenings!

Brian said...

All welcome... online or not. I think since you speak of it, I should mention that we will be hosting some free broadcast modeling sessions. That should be something to watch out for on our Meetup site and here.

Glad that so many people share an appreciation for what we have going on here!

Brian said...

Hey, thank you too Carmen! :0)

adebanji said...

Hi Brian, I have posted my first of the series on my blog.
Please check it out when you are chanced.