28 February, 2010

Pinup Bowling

Saturday afternoon a few of us got together at Pinup Bowl on Delmar to do some sketching. It is great to find unusual places like this to sketch. Since we bought pizza instead of donning the funky shoes, they didn't mind too much our hanging out ways.

26 February, 2010

Alvin Drawing

At one of our recent Meetups I recorded Alvin Horst drawing the figure. He goes through a process of building up the figure structurally and used ink pen and brush.

25 February, 2010

Kendra Solo


Wednesday we had a return of our model Kendra. There was an excellent turnout. Alvin began by giving us an excellent discussion of Shape and form related to composition and design.


"Kendra was fab, Alvin's lecture was fab. This is what I like about meetup, there is always something more to experience. So many creative people thinking about how to improve the event, It's, FABULOUS"

"Super! It was good to have Kendra pose for us again. She took some stunning poses, especially the ones highlighting her great wavy locks! Thanks Judy and Boaz too for hosting."


"Kendra with her pearly pink toes, wavy golden hair and flawless features knows how to use all those assets by striking beautiful poses. The wit was also flowing. A good night. Many thanks to all who came for making it such a wonderful gathering."

24 February, 2010

Figure Drawing at Mojo - Morgan of the Tattoos

February, 25, 2010
8:00 PM

Mojo Studio holds a weekly figure drawing session and we are invited to participate. They have a great atmosphere and challenging sessions with decent lighting, and an accommodating space to work in. Mojo is connected to Concrete Ocean gallery.

This week's session will feature Morgan, an experienced model, elaborately tattooed.
BYOB, $10 donation for model/studio. :)

Thanks to the Mojo movers and shakers: Sue G, Sarah E and Bryan P for organizing and hosting this event.

23 February, 2010

Alton Nichols

I just found Alton Nichols browsing around Teya's Meetup Group. Please check his site out at http://www.altonnichols.com. There are some amazing artists to be discovered around this city! I am finding more everyday. And there is a definite strain that is running through Saint Louis Music and Art. I love his use of black and white ink  and Asian representational modes in these images. I can definitely relate.

Open Mic Night at Van Gohz


Teya King of "The STL Artist/Model/Photographer Co-Op" to mention one of her known sighting spots... has been doing open mic night at Van Gohz Martini Bar and Bistro. I caught a session on Feb 2nd. Teya also recently joined our group, so we may be hearing more from her over there. If you are looking for some poetry whilst drawing some leggy models, the do head on over and check out the next one on March 2nd.

Yes, we do like music with our drawing!

Drawing the band at Foundation Grounds

Tommy Halloran and Boaz Rubin played a hot jazz session at Foundation Grounds, a coffee shop in Maplewood. Other musicians did step up and join them. Everyone brought their sketchbooks and their ears.

"Wasn't it great how people were experimenting with new media and challenging themselves?"

Still Life with Soup


At the end of January we were gratiously hosted at Elaine's place for Soup and still-life drawing.

Here was the description: "It's winter, and it's time for Soup in Shrewsbury. Tonight's theme is the color red - or scarlet to be precise. Bring something carlet for the still life, or wear a little scarlet. Or draw in red and black."

Don't be discouraged that you missed this one! This sort of thing has cropped up before and is definitely likely to happen again soon. Keep checking out the calendar.

Hey, waitaminnit... Here's another one! It's in the future even!

Soup in Shrewsbury: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.

"Pairs/multiples of items will star in the still life tonight.

I'll fix the soup, and you bring the sides. If you bring something, please bring it ready to serve we can dive right in to eating and drawing.

If you are in the mood, wear a pair of something. Pants could count, but you are an artist, and you can do better."

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Google Books: The Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form By Tom Richardson

Google Books has many titles that one might pay for elsewhere but that you can browse online for free.