25 February, 2010

Kendra Solo


Wednesday we had a return of our model Kendra. There was an excellent turnout. Alvin began by giving us an excellent discussion of Shape and form related to composition and design.


"Kendra was fab, Alvin's lecture was fab. This is what I like about meetup, there is always something more to experience. So many creative people thinking about how to improve the event, It's, FABULOUS"

"Super! It was good to have Kendra pose for us again. She took some stunning poses, especially the ones highlighting her great wavy locks! Thanks Judy and Boaz too for hosting."


"Kendra with her pearly pink toes, wavy golden hair and flawless features knows how to use all those assets by striking beautiful poses. The wit was also flowing. A good night. Many thanks to all who came for making it such a wonderful gathering."

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