18 March, 2010

Flamenco Series I by Adebanji Alade

A short while ago Adebanji Alade caught our post about a Flamenco themed event we had, and he commented how inspired he was by the idea. So much so was he bemused that he dug into his oil paints and created a deliciously textured piece in rich colors that see right past the images he worked from. It is as if he stepped into the room with our dancer from afar.

It is wonderful to see other artists take such inspiration from the movement and energy of Flamenco in a combination of visual art and dance.
"This is a new series I'll be embarking on. My goal is to experiment with movement, texture, mood, energy, vitality and emotion-all of which would be the highlights in this series of drawings and paintings."


12 March, 2010

Mark Drawing our Model Olivia

About a week ago I recorded Mark Plattner drawing our model Olivia. This is part of a eries in which I record some of the many talented artists at the Saint Louis Drawing and Painting Meetups. It is not so much as a tutorial, but instead an opportunity to enjoy watching someone else work.

Go Captain Marrrk, Go!

04 March, 2010

Skipping Work Early & Draw at the Botanical Garden

It's finally time to get back to the garden, and couldn't have been a better day for it this time of year. Had fun in the Temperate Dome. We will be doing this at least once per month if possible.

Mark and I showed up and hug out in the Temperate Dome with the more tropical plants. It was a great day with the light and the ivy where we were sitting was casting beautiful shadows in the tile garden. It was the best spot in the world to escape the rush going on with the 9-5 crowd; a must-do and a true treat once in a while.

Drink and Draw at Van Goghz

Henryk and Eve were amongst those who headed over to Drink and Draw at Van Goghz this last Wednesday.

Also, there were several faces I didn't recognize. This was an event hosted by Teya King, so it was double posted over at our group too. You can see more about these events over at these two groups:

1.) The STL Artist/Model/Photographer Co-Op
2.) The Saint Louis Drawing and Painting Meetup calendar.


Hey there Brad! Yay! Truly sorry, I missed.

Last Fridays' Soup

Elaine hosted Soup in Shrewsbury. Richard, Brian, Elaine, Boaz and Judy were there for a good night of drawing and hanging out. There was conversation, soup and plenty of drawing as seen in the video of Judy Rubin below. Boaz is playing guitar in the background. Feels just like home.

02 March, 2010

Mad Hatter - Followup

"Twas brillig from beginning to end. Did someone get my sweater? Brown cardigan I seem to have left behind."




01 March, 2010

6 Week Anatomy Intensive - Round two, Week one

This is a 6 week/12 hr Skeleton & Figure Study. The idea is to focus on both the model (Alessandra) and the Skeleton (working name 'Fat Albert'). Ale and FA will be in the same pose for 2 separate 1hr blocks per session, and we'll simply work from the top down with different angles and rotations.

"I'm learning a lot and producing work I'm happy with."

"Fabulous, once again. A great exercise, well executed. Thanks, Ale and Mark."

"Had a great time. Created some of my best efforts to date. Thanks to every one."

" It's always wonderful, and the work just gets better."

Last Minute: Mad Hatter - Relocated!

Tonight Only! (3/1/2010)

Do you feel mad as a March hare, or just need a little extra hat reference before submitting to Koken's Alice art exhibit? Well here's an event for your sweet tooth - come and join us. We've moved the Mad Hatter to Cafe Cioccolato upstairs and switched this to a free event (though tipping the store if not buying hot chocolate or bon bon is recommended) Happy Unbirthdays all around! :D

Notes: We will likely be upstairs and will have precisely four chairs. If you want a chair, come early, bring your own or sit on the floor. If anyone has a light source available and want to bring it, good karma is yours for the taking. ;-)

See the details: On Meetup.com