01 March, 2010

6 Week Anatomy Intensive - Round two, Week one

This is a 6 week/12 hr Skeleton & Figure Study. The idea is to focus on both the model (Alessandra) and the Skeleton (working name 'Fat Albert'). Ale and FA will be in the same pose for 2 separate 1hr blocks per session, and we'll simply work from the top down with different angles and rotations.

"I'm learning a lot and producing work I'm happy with."

"Fabulous, once again. A great exercise, well executed. Thanks, Ale and Mark."

"Had a great time. Created some of my best efforts to date. Thanks to every one."

" It's always wonderful, and the work just gets better."


Michael Anderson said...

This is just great! Thanks for posting the video.

Brian said...

Thanks so much! Hope to post more great videos here. It's going to be a great year for art!