18 March, 2010

Flamenco Series I by Adebanji Alade

A short while ago Adebanji Alade caught our post about a Flamenco themed event we had, and he commented how inspired he was by the idea. So much so was he bemused that he dug into his oil paints and created a deliciously textured piece in rich colors that see right past the images he worked from. It is as if he stepped into the room with our dancer from afar.

It is wonderful to see other artists take such inspiration from the movement and energy of Flamenco in a combination of visual art and dance.
"This is a new series I'll be embarking on. My goal is to experiment with movement, texture, mood, energy, vitality and emotion-all of which would be the highlights in this series of drawings and paintings."



Bianca said...

This painting makes me want to dance. The texture and vibrant colors are so full of energy. So glad others are inspired by what this group is creating.

adebanji said...

I have added 2 and 3 of this series, I am really enjoying it!