01 March, 2010

Last Minute: Mad Hatter - Relocated!

Tonight Only! (3/1/2010)

Do you feel mad as a March hare, or just need a little extra hat reference before submitting to Koken's Alice art exhibit? Well here's an event for your sweet tooth - come and join us. We've moved the Mad Hatter to Cafe Cioccolato upstairs and switched this to a free event (though tipping the store if not buying hot chocolate or bon bon is recommended) Happy Unbirthdays all around! :D

Notes: We will likely be upstairs and will have precisely four chairs. If you want a chair, come early, bring your own or sit on the floor. If anyone has a light source available and want to bring it, good karma is yours for the taking. ;-)

See the details: On Meetup.com

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