07 May, 2010

Show Closing at Belas-Artes

Hef the skeleton appeared with both CapnMarrrrk and Alessandra for one long pose. Our final session of the skeleton drawing conicided with the closing of our Belas Artes group exhibit. There was food and music and other surprises. If we can work out the details, we'll start holding Anatomy Classes again.
"It was fabulous, thank you so much Ale and Mark, and a special thanks to Cileia" -Henryk Ptasiewicz

"It was a great closing. Thank you, Ale and Marrrrk, for setting us up with one more Hef pose. It's been a fine series, and a fine show." -Elaine

"This was my first meetup and i was very happy to be with a group of interesting art oriented people!" -Richard Fox

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