27 June, 2010

April 24 - May 7 Updates

We have been very busy as usual this last two months. If you have been participating you probably had a great spring with us, but if you are just following along on the blog the updates have been a bit slow. If you can, please come out and share the fun with us. I will be catching up on the current happenings in the next day or so...


Below are some recent happenings:

May 7 Fri 9:00 PM
Garden of Hedonism

The Way Out Club in St Louis, MO, 63104
A night at Queen Mab's. Belly dancing, burlesque revue. Sugar Cyanide, Ami Amore, Roxy Red Rockets, Elle Adorabelle and lots more.
Hosted by Henryk ptasiewicz

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May 5 Wed 7:00 PM
Drawing Laura @ Brian's Studio

40 photos uploaded

Note: Lisa's daughter will be posing for us as I have been unable to contact our regularly scheduled model. She should be a very good model as she is tall, dark and hermosa.
Hosted by Brian

May 2 Sun 2:00 PM
Skeleton/Model drawing - FREE at Belas Artes

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Belas Artes in Saint Louis, MO, 63104
Session runs 2:00-4:00 pm. Hef the skeleton will be appearing with both CapnMarrrrk and Alessandra for one long pose. NOTE: Our this now an single event will take place at Belas Artes....
Hosted by CapnMarrrrk, Judy

Apr 29 Thu 8:00 PM
Mollie Models at Mojo

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Location: Mojo Studio in Saint Louis, MO, 63104 38.616066,-90.219780 · Price: $10.00
Session runs 8-11 pm. Mojo Studio holds a weekly figure drawing session and we are invited to participate. They provide a stimulating atmosphere and challenging sessions with decent lighting, and an... Read more
Hosted by Judy , Sarah E.

Apr 28 Wed 7:00 PM
The Fabulous Bert

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Location: Cap'n Marrrrk's in Saint Louis, MO, 63139 38.609479,-90.302707 · Price: $7.00
It's been too long since we had St. Louis's best male model over. Bert will be bringing his awesome costumes so be prepared for a fun evening. Our sessions are open to all levels of artists... Read more
Hosted by Alessandra

Apr 25 Sun 1:00 PM
Reminder Notice: Week 6 of 6 Week Anatomy Intensive

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at Belas Artes in Saint Louis, MO, 63104 · Price: $5.00
Hi, Sunday is our normal Anatomy meetup where we pose with Helf the Skeleton. This week we are moving down to Belas Artes to hopefully move some more art while proving a valuable service to the art commun... Read more
Hosted by CapnMarrrrk

Apr 25 Sun 1:00 PM
Draw today or buy some art.

Location: Belas Artes in Saint Louis, MO, 63104 · Price: $5.00
This is an open invitation to come down to draw or paint today. We'll be down at Belas Artes where members of the meetup have an exhibition/sale going on. We'll have a skeleton and a... Read more
Hosted by CapnMarrrrk

Apr 25 Sun 12:30 PM
An Hour of Landscape Sketching at Tower Grove Park

at Tower Grove Park in Saint Louis, MO, 63110 38.609137,-90.261524
We will be at the Pavillion with the Composers Heads just south of MOBOT. We will go from there and take a walk for a couple of minutes to some undecided direction in the park. It could be one of the... Read more
Hosted by Brian

Apr 24 Sat 6:00 PM
Art Party!

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at Flammis' Place in Creve Coeur, MO, 63141 38.663686,-90.439565
This is a loose sketch and gab and unbirthday celebration of everything and nothing at all! I'll order Veggie and Pepperoni Pizza, you bring whatever else you'd like to consume (reply in comment... Read more
Hosted by Flammis

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