09 November, 2010

Draw/Photog a Model in Urban Setting

November 13, 2010 - I think it will be a great idea to photograph/draw a model in street or punk attire in an urban setting. I think it would be fun to also pose them with some graffiti or other urban settings. Also this would be costumed instead of nude. It would also be open to photographers.

Let's draw and photograph a model downtown and start at the Old City Post Office Square and move from there to a few interesting locations around. Bring a collapsable canvas chair or something similar.

Note: Our friend Stephanie (pictured) will be modeling for us!
As far as the photography goes, this event is an open one, so you may bring your camera and snap away. Just follow rules respecting the shared nature of this event with artists and photographers. Cooperation...


Thanks Stephanie for a great day out. This was a different idea and a first. So glad it came together. Looking forward to the warmer weather again as the wind was a bit brisk and chilly.

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