03 November, 2010

Goat Stock - (Rain or Shine)

Nov 6, 2010 - The locals are demanding we reschedule the Painting/Drawing Trip to the Simpsons' Farm, (I'm not kidding). We've become quite a curiosity for the small town of Duke, MO. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time, but it will be held regardless.
The day will be dedicated to painting and drawing the scenery and critters on the farm. There are horses, sheep, goats (including newborn triplets) and cattle. The leaves are changing and falling. Farmer Ron says it'll be beautiful with or without leaves. When the trees are bare it is easier to see deep into the woods and the bluffs are more visible. There are 4 wheelers available to you to get around on the farm and you're welcome to saddle up a horse.
We'll gather shortly before dinner to draw Ron and his wife, Michelle. Please consider giving your portrait to them in gratitude for their kindness and hospitality. They're very excited about this.
We'll have a big chili dinner where we'll be joined by half the town coming out to see what we created. As an added bonus, it's Don's birthday! There will be cake.
Don't miss the hayride to see the stars and a big country dance with the locals.
You are welcome to spend the night. Feel free to camp or grab a space inside their large, comfortable house. Bring a sleeping bag if you can.
Come canoe the Big Piney on Sunday or head back to St. Louis!
It's going to be amazing. Hope you can make it.
Let me know if you have any questions,


 "A superb event for birthdays, painting and drawing! There was plenty of time to pursue painting or just taking in the fresh air! Cudos to Cathy for organizing this weekend!" - Don Necessary

" It was all such fun and so memorable." Christy O'Brien

There were plenty of goats to hug.

Some really solid painting got done as well.

Don Necessary celebrated his birthday with friends.

There was plenty of warmth and beauty.

This was all especially thanks to the Simson's opening their farm to us once again.

Richard's amazing drawing of the landscape is shown here.

And also there were some very masterful oils done showing the unique range of subjects available to paint out on the Simpson Farm.

Painting above by Tom Rochford

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