26 April, 2011

Portrait Challenge #1 - Grace Bumbry

Recently (April 17th)we started a weekly Portrait Challenge.  The subject of our weekly challenges will be Saint Louis personalities. First chosen randomly was Grace Brumby the opera singer.

Here's the scoop from that event:

Weekly I will post a "Portrait of the Week" drawing challenge that is open to members of the meetup. Each week it will involve drawing a portrait of some Saint Louis personality living or passed. I will pick a name randomly from a list of celebrities that I have.
Note: If you want to make a suggestion for the next week, then do so.
Rules: Draw the person of the week and you may use photographs. However, you cannot draw from a photo exactly. Instead research the person and draw their portrait from a different angle or in an imagined costume. The point is to see shapes and geometry that make up character regardless of angle as opposed to a limited view of a photograph.
If is seems a bit overwhelming, and for instance all you can get done is say a set of eyes, so be it. Use what time you have to focus on form and expression and take it as far as you can.

Here are some of the drawings from Challenge #1:

Brian Anderson (above)

Michael Anderson (above)

And on to Challenge #2:
The Challenge starting the week of April 24th, 2011 is Yogi Berra.

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