27 April, 2011

You might try drawing from television.

Drawing from Television
Have you ever drawn from television? If you aren't able to make it to any of the drawing events and still would like to learn to draw portraits, or anything scenic, I would recommend drawing  from a movie that you like or even a news reporter. Drawing news reporters is similar in a way to drawing models  because they are sitting relatively still, yet, there is some motion. It trains you to think fast and capture things that aren't always still.

Drawing a News Reporter
When freeze-framing a movie, you can get used to seeing the interesting way the movie designers choreographed the shots and lit them. It may give you some ideas.

Also,  in the interest of keeping active in learning to see and draw, I think it is a good idea to carry a small sketchbook with you. There are all sorts, but I have come to prefer the white ones with sturdy paper that come in portrait format. They are pretty easy to carry around.

It is also pretty open to choice as far as what medium you choose to draw with. I use pens and ink for their simplicity, but I would hardly recommend one thing only as it is limitless what kinds of art can be made and tools.

If you are just beginning however, I would recommend either a pencil, or pen. That should focus first on acquiring the necessary drafting/rendering  skills. That is important before venturing too far into color.

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