22 March, 2012

Jeep and Cathy at Ober/Anderson Gallery

I got to the gallery a little late as I stopped off at Tavern of Fine Arts to draw for a bit and say hi. As a side note, I put up another portrait on the wall that wasn't in the show opening. It is a portrait of my friend Boyd Ingalls.
Alright, so when I arrived it was a full room of artists. I always like to see what work Daven Anderson has added anyhow, as well as the work of Lisa Ober. I can't believe how detailed she develops her pastels. Beautiful!
Our models Jeep and Cathy took some very sensitive poses that inspired many good sketches in a variety of mediums. I have drawn Jeep before, but never he and his wife together. It was very natural how relaxed their poses became together. I think the attempt to convey that chemistry was a good challenge. I only got two painted sketches out of the evening, in one Jeep faced me and Cathy faced away, but the hint of her legs coming from behind him and their hands clasped were enough to make the connection between their forms.
A reclining pose made a good balance with the standing pose. This evening I used the new shipment of handmade paper that I received from India for my sketches. For a while I was concerned that after Dick Blick discontinued carrying such products that I would not find it again. I was fortunate enough to be able to import an order of sheets myself from Pune, India. I am willing to share some of the paper for a decent cost with other artists in the local area. I recommend the paper myself in contrast to the more predictable machine -produced surface that is otherwise available. It takes getting used to the hand made paper, but once I did, I have fallen in love with it's qualities.

More Pictures of the event are over on pictus-art.com.

21 March, 2012

Sugar Cyanide will be posing at Tavern of Fine Arts tonight

Sugar Cyanide at Tavern of Fine Arts

Description: Figure Drawing Model: Sugar Cyanide Time: Wednesday, October 19 6:00 p.m. Cost: One drink minimum (non-alcoholic drinks included). Location: 313 Belt Ave. Saint Louis, MO 63112 Free parking is available in the lot across from the Tavern (accessible from the alleyway). Street parking is also available. Bicyclists welcome! Bike rack available. The Tavern is located two blocks east of the Forest Park Metrolink station. Note: This event is hosted by the Tavern of Fine Arts. See more details about this venue on their events page. See the previous post if you can't attend Ober/Anderson Gallery (RSVP Only) event, then please feel free to attend the event at Tavern of Fine Art and you can be an artistic reporter there just as well.

Observation Project - Jeep and Cathy

Drawing from life: If you can't get to this event, perhaps you can make it to your own figure drawing event or another event in your city. You could even just draw a friend in street clothes. Whatever the case, try to do your best to observe the figure and portray it as sensitively and truthfully as you can. Perhaps you want to abstract it in your own fashion, but nevertheless, pay attention to some element of the figure and make a connection to some personal observation that you wish to share with those who view your work. You are an artist, but in this instance make at least a few drawings in which you play the part of an artistic reporter. Link: Jeep and Cathy will be posing for us tonight. And since we'll have two models, the price will be $10.00. Our sessions are open to all levels of artists and a variety of media. We provide an informal, lively but structured and serious environment in which to draw and experiment. Good work, good times, good music, and good folks. Snacks & drinks will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. BYO easel if you like using an easel. (We have chairs and floor space.) Drawing begins at 7, so try to arrive at 6:45 As usual, if you RSVP Yes then withdraw less than 48 hrs before the event, you will be held responsible for the model fee. See you there, Alessandra

Copying Project - Barbara Dürer


Portrait of Barbara Dürer - 1490

In order to learn it is a good practice at times to copy the works of those who have mastered painting in centuries before us and who have demonstrated an aptitude for the art and craft of painting. In this project I submit a picture of Barbara Dürer that Albrecht Dürer drew of his mother in his formative years (1490). The original is in oil on panel and measures 47 x 38 cm. It is in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. If you were to copy this work you could do it literally, or you could do a modern portrait in the style of this portrait. You could use Albrecht Dürer's portrait as inspiration in any way you wish to interpret it. The above portrait is remarkable for it's beauty and the age at which Albrecht painted it.