26 September, 2013

Artistic Kung Fu

I recently have been thinking that there are so many groups out there who do art on Meetup.com, like our group, and non-meetup groups. There is a lot of good art being turned out. However, I think a little competition is not a bad thing. Lately, I am trying to find others who really have a fire burning under them and are turning out quality work. Is it a bad thing to look at it like those old Kung Fu movies where one school competed against others and there was a desire to excel as a group and turn things up an order of magnitude?

I have been changing the blogs that I follow, removing outdated ones and ones who have lost motivation.

Drawing Groups on Meetup.com

The above link lists other Art Meetup groups. How do we as artists go about demonstrating our "Kung Fu" so to speak... and really take some risks and start getting some attention?

I for one have been better at making art than promoting it, or producing finished work. I am to the point that I feel all my work must be preparations some how for finished pieces.

More competitions, more debate etc... What do others think?

25 September, 2013

Outdoor Painter: Why You Should Take an iPad Into the Field

An application on an iPad or similar tablet allows an artist to create a usable plein air study in 15 minutes. "It's warp speed," says noted wildlife artist David Rankin. "What else can you do in that amount of time?" Rankin has sold digital art to collectors, but it isn't his main focus. He's an accomplished watercolorist. But he finds that his iPad loaded with the Paper app by the company Fifty Three is an essential tool for field work. "Because you are working so fast, you can try out ideas really quickly," says Rankin. "If I like something I've sketched on my iPad, I can just take my watercolors out and paint it. I take both tools outside."

Read more: Outdooor Painter

found via: Michael Anderson

A study of the back by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

Here is a link to a web page that I sometimes like to remember because in it a certain Rebecca Alzofon discusses her study of the methods of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon.

Leonardo's Manuscripts

"The Book of the science of Mechanics must precede the Book of useful inventions. -- Have your books on anatomy bound" -Leonardo

Taken from the Codex Madrid
Whether he intended his books and manuscripts to be bound for himself, or if he meant to publish them for others, I think it is a benefit to have your drawings bound in a book versus a loosely unbound collection. How often did Leonardo bind his notes and what were the dimensions? Is it an advantage to work loosely and then bind? These are all interesting questions. I know that the majority of Leonardo's notes and sketchbooks were of a size that could easily be portable, yes? They weren't all different sizes or unwieldy.

A Little Bird Gives Us Some Perspective

"The album of geometric and perspective drawings (Codex Guelf 74. 1. Aug. fol.) from the 1500s is available online from Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel (thumbnail pages).

It consists of more than thirty watercolour sketches of polyhedra^ or, as the Latin title on one of the images above has it, perspectives of the regular solids (a standard descriptive name, originating with Plato and Euclid)."

via BibliOdyssey

Bob Dylan: Musician, Welder, and Painter

An artist often must stimulate their creativity by thinking outside of their primary mode of expression. It shouldn't be a complete surprise that Bob Dylan as well as other musicians and celebrities also work in the visual and mechanical arts.

"A collection of iron works by singer and artist Bob Dylan will be displayed for the first time in a major new exhibition in London." -BBC News

See his work at the Halcyon Gallery 

A quote from the Halcyon Gallery website

"Halcyon Gallery is proud to present a major exhibition of new works by artist and musician Bob Dylan, which will open at Halcyon Gallery this November. Building on the success of his first museum exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany in 2007 and several subsequent exhibitions, Mood Swings will show iron works by Bob Dylan for the first time, alongside original paintings and signed limited editions, all of which will be for sale.

Seven iron gates welded out of vintage iron and other metal parts created by Dylan in his studio will be featured in the exhibition and will be displayed publicly for the first time. These gates and other objects are the outcome of the artist’s lifelong fascination with welding and metalwork."


Not only that, but Bob Dylan also is a painter and his works as pictured here, can be seen on his website bobdylan.com or his second website bobdylanart.com.

Taken from Bob Dylan's website: "At the beginning of 2013, the ‘New Orleans Series’ opened at Palazzo Reale in Milan. In this exhibition of great prestige, curated by Francesco Bonami, Dylan pays homage to the American home of blues and jazz.

To reflect the amazing body of work contained in 'The Drawn Blank Series', a publishing programme of limited edition graphics commenced, releases in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 generated huge worldwide interest, leading to many of the pieces selling out immediately. Summer 2013 sees the release of 'The Drawn Blank Series 2013', a portfolio of eleven pieces reflecting some of the best images from the collection."

Ellen Kooi: In a place of her own

Ellen Kooi presents some compelling panoramic images that show women and girls wandering in empty or vast landscapes.

Website: http://www.ellenkooi.nl/

Ole Martin Lund Bø: Deceptive Outward Appearance

This reminds me of the way one point perspective was studied using strings and light. But here, it seems the artist has studied the odd way that such a projection would interact with random sticks in an environment to produce an image, or in this case intelligible text from one viewpoint and then seemingly chaos from other diverging views

 "Ole Martin Lund Bø has a distinctive minimal, interdisciplinary approach to his work. He playfully misuses materials as an entry into a larger paradox."


Artist Website:


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