26 September, 2013

Artistic Kung Fu

I recently have been thinking that there are so many groups out there who do art on Meetup.com, like our group, and non-meetup groups. There is a lot of good art being turned out. However, I think a little competition is not a bad thing. Lately, I am trying to find others who really have a fire burning under them and are turning out quality work. Is it a bad thing to look at it like those old Kung Fu movies where one school competed against others and there was a desire to excel as a group and turn things up an order of magnitude?

I have been changing the blogs that I follow, removing outdated ones and ones who have lost motivation.

Drawing Groups on Meetup.com

The above link lists other Art Meetup groups. How do we as artists go about demonstrating our "Kung Fu" so to speak... and really take some risks and start getting some attention?

I for one have been better at making art than promoting it, or producing finished work. I am to the point that I feel all my work must be preparations some how for finished pieces.

More competitions, more debate etc... What do others think?

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

You pose an interesting question.
I have just participated in a "30 paintings in 30 days" challenge and I can tell you, painting every day doesn't mean you will turn out better quality paintings. It does mean you get into the discipline of regular painting. I already painted every day, but not necessarily finishing one a day.. I do think the extra push makes one more aware that you need to paint something you respond to - some emotional response because if you don't, then some pretty crappy work emerges.