25 September, 2013

Bob Dylan: Musician, Welder, and Painter

An artist often must stimulate their creativity by thinking outside of their primary mode of expression. It shouldn't be a complete surprise that Bob Dylan as well as other musicians and celebrities also work in the visual and mechanical arts.

"A collection of iron works by singer and artist Bob Dylan will be displayed for the first time in a major new exhibition in London." -BBC News

See his work at the Halcyon Gallery 

A quote from the Halcyon Gallery website

"Halcyon Gallery is proud to present a major exhibition of new works by artist and musician Bob Dylan, which will open at Halcyon Gallery this November. Building on the success of his first museum exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany in 2007 and several subsequent exhibitions, Mood Swings will show iron works by Bob Dylan for the first time, alongside original paintings and signed limited editions, all of which will be for sale.

Seven iron gates welded out of vintage iron and other metal parts created by Dylan in his studio will be featured in the exhibition and will be displayed publicly for the first time. These gates and other objects are the outcome of the artist’s lifelong fascination with welding and metalwork."


Not only that, but Bob Dylan also is a painter and his works as pictured here, can be seen on his website bobdylan.com or his second website bobdylanart.com.

Taken from Bob Dylan's website: "At the beginning of 2013, the ‘New Orleans Series’ opened at Palazzo Reale in Milan. In this exhibition of great prestige, curated by Francesco Bonami, Dylan pays homage to the American home of blues and jazz.

To reflect the amazing body of work contained in 'The Drawn Blank Series', a publishing programme of limited edition graphics commenced, releases in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 generated huge worldwide interest, leading to many of the pieces selling out immediately. Summer 2013 sees the release of 'The Drawn Blank Series 2013', a portfolio of eleven pieces reflecting some of the best images from the collection."

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