19 February, 2016

Example of Pen Linework

I was looking for a good example of a drawing with dynamic pen work. Good lines have a sort of calligraphic quality of some sort at some level. When inspected, there is a clarity and economy of line in this drawing of Charles Darwin.

Also to be noted is the preparative under-drawing which can be seen if the image is looked at up close. Both pen, probably quill pen, and ink brush appear to have been employed.

Charles Robert Darwin: Wilkimedia

18 February, 2016

William Neukomm Portrait Class

William Neukomm just put on a portrait class in his studio. Several artists that I know took it. I am a bit jealous because they all got such great results. Some are also very new to oil. This painting was done by Joe Jacobson.

Painting by Joe Jacobson at William Neukomm Class

Before Instagram

El arte cobra vida

This was kind of a fun diversion.


Art In Forest Park - Celebrating 30 Years.

 Forest Park Forever, the group that maintains that gorgeous expanse of green with all the museums on the city's western edge, is accepting proposals for its first-ever summer residency program. Up to three artists will get $3,000 each to spend three weeks in the park, making art. They'll also get a $1,000 each to throw a closing event of their choosing.

And there are literally no restrictions beyond the fact that they want you to plan on spending about ten hours a week for three weeks between May and September. Poor you, having to spend ten hours in that glorious park making art!

RFT - read more

Forest Park Forever - read more

15 February, 2016

Latest work by Daniel Fishback: Colorado Dreaming

Colorado Dreaming by Daniel Fishback

See more of Daniel's Colorado Paintings.

A Question of Themes

If there was an artistic theme for the year that you had to choose to practice drawing, painting, photographing, or representing otherwise in the arts more especially in 2016, what would that theme be?

Another question in the same vein of interesting themes. If you could arrange your favorite artistic themes around a circle like a Chinese Zodiac and were limited to 12 favorite themes, what would your list of favorite artistic themes be?


09 February, 2016

John Blair at Stone Spiral Cafe

I have to get up to see the work of John Blair at Stone Spiral. Last time I was up at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, I think they were doing a renovation or something.

Find John Blair on Twitter | Facebook | Soulard Art Gallery

08 February, 2016

Chicago, You are so close, and yet so far. And how cold this time of year too!

David Gray Art

Working methods of David Gray

David will be on April's The Artist's Magazine.

Shimmering Colors

Galina Kim. "Some rain" ca. 1981

Spring Is Around the Corner

I hope Joe Neaf doesn't mind me posting about his work here. I haven't seen his work in a little while. He has dealt with some loss this year, but nevertheless, I hope spring brings more of his work like these lovely birds he admired with his artistry. This is a monoprint taken from a glass plate. I think his work is a reminder that it is time to start blogging here again.

Two Cardinals by Joe Neaf (above)

Watch out for upcoming events at the SOHA Gallery:

Root and Limb | Bosai exhibit coupled with local art
March 18, 12am – Mon, April 4, 12am
Bosai tree exhibit coupled with local artworks inspired by these special designed trees. Both two dimensional works and sculpture. Trees provided by Local Bonsai Professional Enthusiast, Chris Jersen. Tress will not be for sale. Artist list forthcoming.