08 February, 2016

Spring Is Around the Corner

I hope Joe Neaf doesn't mind me posting about his work here. I haven't seen his work in a little while. He has dealt with some loss this year, but nevertheless, I hope spring brings more of his work like these lovely birds he admired with his artistry. This is a monoprint taken from a glass plate. I think his work is a reminder that it is time to start blogging here again.

Two Cardinals by Joe Neaf (above)

Watch out for upcoming events at the SOHA Gallery:

Root and Limb | Bosai exhibit coupled with local art
March 18, 12am – Mon, April 4, 12am
Bosai tree exhibit coupled with local artworks inspired by these special designed trees. Both two dimensional works and sculpture. Trees provided by Local Bonsai Professional Enthusiast, Chris Jersen. Tress will not be for sale. Artist list forthcoming.

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